Wetware: Dev Manny 3 is on the floor!

So, here’s the deal: Dev Manny 1 (“Superliminal”) is published. It’s out there in the wild. Dev Manny 2 (“Hacking the Naked Princess”) is being published in a serial format in 2600 Magazine. While that’s in progress, I’ve also started Dev Manny 3 (the working title is “Wetware”). But since the 2600 publication is quarterly, I probably won’t have finished Dev Manny 2 for another year at least, so Dev Manny 3 will come out first, even though it’s #3, not #2. I may end up switching the “3” with the “2” upon publication of “3”. Not sure yet.

Got it?

That’s what will happen later. Here’s what’s happening now: Dev Manny 3, “Wetware”, is on the floor.

My term for saying a book is “on the floor” isn’t some weird industry term, or something metaphorical. I’m being literal. As literal as printing out a bunch of pages and putting them on my floor.

Spooky-eyed Shih Tzu in frame because I'm posting this on Halloween.

In addition to confusing my dog, I do this to get an overview on the chapter flow. As I write, I realize that this part doesn’t belong here, it makes more sense to have it over there. This seemingly-simple rearranging is beyond my mental capacity to visualize (so far there are thirty-four chapters in the book). Putting them on the ground allows me to perform an old-school cut-and-paste. So I do. And I did.

This is a milestone for the book. It doesn’t mean it’s done – this is still the first draft, and I have a lot of work to get it publishable. It’s an indicator that I’ve made significant progress and am almost ready to refine, and refine some more…

…and then I’ll publish.


  1. Scott says:

    Congrats… What issues is dev manny 2 going to be in. Alex is excited to continue reading.

  2. Andy Kaiser says:

    Please see this article for the first appearance of Dev Manny in “Hacking the Naked Princess”. You can purchase the back issue there and get the first couple chapters.

    After that, 2600 has told me they’d like to run Dev in every other issue. 

  3. Brian says:

    I finished Superliminal not too long ago, and just finished the excerpt of Hacking the Naked Princess. Can’t wait to see more of your work!