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Self-publishing a children’s book: What’s the best software for layout and design?

The article title question is a pretty easy one to answer: Adobe InDesign is an industry standard for book publishing, and would be an excellent book creation tool for a self-publisher, specifically those needing graphics manipulation or other advanced book layout and design tools. …and there’s no way I can afford it. So, sorry InDesign, […]

Bad writing advice that works

I’ve been featured as a guest writer on the “Writing and Publishing Resource” website. Check it out:  Recommendations for writers: How seemingly bad advice can improve your writing process A goal in writing the article was to describe mental stumbling blocks that I’ve encountered in writing and publishing, along with advice on overcoming those problems.  […]

Stunt kite recommendations and tips on how to fly

Stunt kites are a blast. Here’s an example of their capability. This video features a quad-line stunt kite, which I’d like to get someday but haven’t yet: The above video stars an expert pilot with an expensive kite, but the hobby is easily available to beginners. Other stunt kites have the more traditional look, and […]