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“Waking the Dreamer” cover project featured on crowdSPRING

If you’re a self-published author, you may be using Amazon’s CreateSpace to publish your book. During the book build process, you have a section for your book cover. You can choose from being able to create a book cover using built-in templates, or you can work with other advanced options. 

One option is crowdSPRING, which is what I wrote about a couple posts ago. Apparently my writeup so impressed the crowdSPRING folks that they wanted to feature me for their CreateSpace audience. So, for the time being, when a CreateSpace user clicks in the book cover section to learn more about crowdSPRING, they see me smiling back:

While I’m not sure that using my actual face is the best way to advertise anything, I hope my writeup can help others.

Thanks to Ross at crowdSPRING for helping to make this happen.

Transhuman #1: “Waking the Dreamer” is now available!

It’s done. The book was written. The costs were financed. The cover art was created. And as of today, the book was published and is available for purchase on Amazon. Get the paper book or ebook “Waking the Dreamer” now:

I do not like IBM AIX

I do not like IBM AIX
I do not like it, IBM techs!

I do not like it with a reboot
I do not like it even as root

I do not like unhelpful PS AUX
I do not like it when cd0 is lost

Instead of lurking in my subnet
I’d rather it be quarantined as a threat

I do not want it in my domain
Since the half-baked Linux eats at my brain

The perk of a system without any GUI
Is supposed to be that it won’t go kablooey

But after three IPLs, the only thing I grep
Is that I’m moving quickly from patient to upset

I do not like IBM AIX
You don’t agree? Then YOU fix this mess!