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What happened to MrBtongue? A Tasteful, Understated, Nerdrage interview

“MrBtongue” is a video mashup creator – you may have seen his series on YouTube, titled “Tasteful, Understated Nerdrage”. The TUN videos detail his opinions of not only specific video games (it all started with Mass Effect 3, and continues with Dragon Age, Skyrim and others), but also includes his views on the state of […]

Dev Manny “Hacking the Naked Princess” continues in 2600 Magazine

Go get 2600 Volume 29, #4 (the Winter 2012-2013 issue), and read the continuation of Dev’s newest case, “Hacking the Naked Princess”. This adventure was started in 2600 Volume 29, #2 (the Summer 2012 issue). Future chapters will be serialized in 2600, probably every other issue. 2600 Magazine is available in many bookstores, including Barnes & Noble. […]