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Wetware: Dev Manny 3 is on the floor!

So, here’s the deal: Dev Manny 1 (“Superliminal”) is published. It’s out there in the wild. Dev Manny 2 (“Hacking the Naked Princess”) is being published in a serial format in 2600 Magazine. While that’s in progress, I’ve also started Dev Manny 3 (the working title is “Wetware”). But since the 2600 publication is quarterly, I probably won’t have finished Dev Manny 2 for another year at least, so Dev Manny 3 will come out first, even though it’s #3, not #2. I may end up switching the “3” with the “2” upon publication of “3”. Not sure yet.

Got it?

That’s what will happen later. Here’s what’s happening now: Dev Manny 3, “Wetware”, is on the floor.

My term for saying a book is “on the floor” isn’t some weird industry term, or something metaphorical. I’m being literal. As literal as printing out a bunch of pages and putting them on my floor.

Spooky-eyed Shih Tzu in frame because I'm posting this on Halloween.

In addition to confusing my dog, I do this to get an overview on the chapter flow. As I write, I realize that this part doesn’t belong here, it makes more sense to have it over there. This seemingly-simple rearranging is beyond my mental capacity to visualize (so far there are thirty-four chapters in the book). Putting them on the ground allows me to perform an old-school cut-and-paste. So I do. And I did.

This is a milestone for the book. It doesn’t mean it’s done – this is still the first draft, and I have a lot of work to get it publishable. It’s an indicator that I’ve made significant progress and am almost ready to refine, and refine some more…

…and then I’ll publish.