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“Hacking the Naked Princess” – latest chapters are in print in 2600 Magazine

Go get 2600 Volume 30, #4 (the Winter 2013 issue), and read the continuation of Dev Manny’s newest case, “Hacking the Naked Princess”.

To date, here are the back issues where you can get the rest of the story:

Part 1: Volume 29, #2 (Summer 2012)

Part 2: Volume 29, #4 (Winter 2012-2013)

Part 3: Volume 30, #2 (Summer 2013) 

Part 4: Volume 30, #4 (Winter 2013) – (this is what just came out)

Future chapters will be serialized in 2600, probably every other issue.


2600 Magazine is available in many bookstores, including Barnes & Noble. Individual issues can be purchased at the above links.

Update on “League of Scientists” and “Ghost in the Water”

Okay, just one more update for those still keeping up with the League of Scientists:

The publisher and I have decided to part ways. This means that I will no longer be associated with the “League of Scientists”, “Ghost in the Water”, and any future books in the series.
To those who have followed my adventures this far, thank you (and I’m still writing)! To those still eager to get your hands on the book – please keep an eye on the publisher Science, Naturally! for publication updates.