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Voice precognition: One reason more why brick-and-mortar stores are disappearing

I placed the shrink-wrapped box on the counter and the checkout girl smiled at me. She had a light in her eyes, an intimate twinkle that was hard to match, unless you were genetically gifted or practiced a lot. It went downhill from there. “Hi, how are you doing today?” Her first question was fine. […]

Transhuman #1 update: Ready for the cover art. Kickstarter is live.

The book is complete and proofed and ready to print. I even have a title: Transhuman #1: Waking the Dreamer What’s needed next is a cover to put around it! Astute readers may remember a previous post, about how I’m trying a service called Kickstarter to fund the book cover costs. I’ve created my campaign and […]

How to protect your sighting of Elvis

A very brief search can easily turn up the strangest things on the Internet. Apparently Elvis sightings are enough of an issue that the U.S. Copyright Office felt they needed to deal specifically with it, thirty-plus years after his death. The below is taken from the U.S. government’s “What Does Copyright Protect?” FAQ: How do […]