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Dev and Transhuman update

I’m very thankful for weekends. I’ve got multiple projects going right now: Transhuman #1 is in the second round of editing. Multiple people (who are not me, or one of my alternate personalities) have the book in their hands and are hopefully, frantically, excitedly marking it up as I type this. The Kickstarter cover art […]

How to be a good writer: Writing resources from great writers

Here are the writing resources that have helped me the most. These are not only “how to write” books and expert recommendations on storytelling technique, but some detail the process of writing and storytelling, which is another thing altogether. Beyond the obvious “write more” recommendation that everyone uses, I’m not worthy of injecting my own […]

Eena? Transhuman? Serieses? Whatever: Draft #1 is done.

Thirty thousand words later, I have a book. Draft #1 is complete for what I’ve been calling “Eena”. The working title for this new series is “Transhuman”. Yeah, it’s another series. Dedicated readers might also know I have the Dev Manny series and League of Scientists series, and for each so far just the first book […]

League of Scientists publication update: Lookin’ good!

The League of Scientists #1 – “Ghost in the Water” – is rolling ahead with publication. We’re on track for the end of the year! See this post for more detail.

“Eena” progress and cover art

My “Eena” book is coming along well. We’re at about 16,000 words so far. Going by the rough plot inside my head, it’s about half done, maybe a little less. It’s interesting how each book I’ve written has impacted me differently. For this one, I’m actually enjoying the story and am eager to tell it. […]

New writing project – “Eena”

As I wait for the results of the published Dev Manny book and the not-yet-published League of Scientists #1, I still feel the need to write. So I’m writing. I’ve started another project. This is another book, targeted towards young adults. It has a science fiction / fantasy theme. Or more specifically, you could call […]

Dev Manny update

While waiting for publication of the League of Scientists, I was able to finish and publish Dev Manny #1: Superliminal. Get it: Paper book Amazon Kindle Barnes & Noble Nook Figuring this out was a really cool process. I now know more than before about the self-publishing industry, as well as the craft of writing […]

League of Scientists update

Some of you pay attention to me. A not-small subset of you have asked: What’s up with the League of Scientists? When is it coming out? What stores will it be in? Will it be available as an ebook? Are you doing anything else? Here are those answers: Progress on the League of Scientists #1: […]

Welcome to the Future!

It’s only been a few years, but was looking just a tad dated. Remember the beautiful, hand-crafted old website? I suppose it wasn’t that bad. Simple and minimalist and all that. But I still wanted to change it. Why? So I could do things like this, what I’m doing right now. Post any new […]