Book Release: Transhuman #2: Monsters in the Dark

I have a new book, and I’d like you to meet it. Continue the Transhuman adventures with Tyler, Zack and Eena in:

Monsters in the Dark



  1. SCott says:

    Any news on LoS or next edition of any of the other series?

  2. Andy Kaiser says:


    Nothing concrete to report on, which is why I have not yet put out an update. But yes, small things have been happening: Just yesterday I reviewed the latest version of LoS #1, “Ghost in the Water”, and this included publisher-designed internal artwork. So we’re moving, yes, but I don’t yet have anything new on the publication schedule.

    As for my other books, I’m just about ready to release the audiobook for Transhuman #2. Beyond that, no news on new books, beyond what I’ve put on the “Current Projects” page.

    As always, if you subscribe to updates (from the “Follow” section in the above-right), I’ll post as soon as I have more.