New books – Coming sooner and later

I’d like to update everyone on the entire Internet about two different projects, both of which are critical to our society, culture and way of life:

League of Scientists

League of Scientists book #1, “Ghost in the Water”, won’t be available in stores until 2013. From the publisher, I have this statement:

Our goal is to get the book to press in April or May,
with a pub date of September [2013].

So, no League for a while. However, it’s still promising to see the League now being directly advertised by the publisher: “Ghost in the Water” is available as an advertisement in the back of the publisher’s most recent book. They’ve also built a League of Scientists page on their website. Finally, it looks like we have a book cover for “Ghost in the Water”:

Dev Manny

Dev Manny book #2 is on track for release before the end of 2012. The title is confirmed as “Wetware”. We even have a book cover:

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