“Waking the Dreamer” cover project featured on crowdSPRING

If you’re a self-published author, you may be using Amazon’s CreateSpace to publish your book. During the book build process, you have a section for your book cover. You can choose from being able to create a book cover using built-in templates, or you can work with other advanced options. 

One option is crowdSPRING, which is what I wrote about a couple posts ago. Apparently my writeup so impressed the crowdSPRING folks that they wanted to feature me for their CreateSpace audience. So, for the time being, when a CreateSpace user clicks in the book cover section to learn more about crowdSPRING, they see me smiling back:

While I’m not sure that using my actual face is the best way to advertise anything, I hope my writeup can help others.

Thanks to Ross at crowdSPRING for helping to make this happen.


  1. Scott says:

    Received the book and the cover looks great. Crowd spring was well worth it!!