League of Scientists update

Some of you pay attention to me. A not-small subset of you have asked: What’s up with the League of Scientists? When is it coming out? What stores will it be in? Will it be available as an ebook? Are you doing anything else?

Here are those answers:

Progress on the League of Scientists #1: Ghost in the Water

I’ve completed the first book. The publication for now is out of my hands and into those of the publisher. I’ve written the text, and they’ve got to turn it into a physical book. My contract did address ebook royalties as well, so I expect it will also be available as an ebook. Some of their books have appeared in stores like Barnes & Noble as well as my local bookstores. So, no promises, but I hope my book will be there too.

Progress on the League of Scientists #2: The Magician’s War

LoS book two is “pretty much done”. That is, it’s complete, but I’d like to clean up a few things before submitting it to the publisher. The publisher isn’t set up for it yet and has requested that we not work on it until we’re done with the first. Makes sense to me, and book two will be ready when they are.

You’ll notice no updates on the LoS website because I simply don’t have anything new to report. Not yet. I did email the publisher asking for an update or more detail on the publication date. This email was six days ago, and I haven’t heard anything back yet. I will update when I know more. For now, I will assume the publication is on track per the publisher’s last communication about it (December 2010), which was that the book would be available in late 2011. We’ll know in three months if that’s the case or not.

As for the final question – if I’m doing anything else – stay tuned for the next post.

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