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Update on “League of Scientists” and “Ghost in the Water”

Okay, just one more update for those still keeping up with the League of Scientists: The publisher and I have decided to part ways. This means that I will no longer be associated with the “League of Scientists”, “Ghost in the Water”, and any future books in the series.   To those who have followed my adventures […]

Book Release: Transhuman #2: Monsters in the Dark

I have a new book, and I’d like you to meet it. Continue the Transhuman adventures with Tyler, Zack and Eena in: Monsters in the Dark  

“Hacking the Naked Princess” – latest chapters are in print

Go get 2600 Volume 30, #2 (the Summer 2013 issue), and read the continuation of Dev’s newest case, “Hacking the Naked Princess”. To date, here are the back issues where you can get the rest of the story: Part 1: Volume 29, #2 (Summer 2012) Part 2: Volume 29, #4 (Winter 2012-2013) Part 3: Volume 30, #2 (Summer 2013) – […]

“Monsters in the Dark” artwork

Tyler and his older brother Zack are back from vacation. Tyler came back with amazing mental superpowers. Zack got a sunburn. Tyler shares his powers with Eena, a girl whose past is covered by shadows and secrets. A dangerous enemy is chasing them, and the three children scramble to prepare themselves. They have too much […]

Telekinesis and sharks (though not in the same book)

For those of you following along, you may have an interest in my latest adventures. I’ve been asked for updates from multiple people. Those causes have led to this effect: Below is the scoop on my current projects. Transhuman #2 The working title is “Monsters in the Dark”. Today marks the Completion Of The First […]

Dev Manny “Hacking the Naked Princess” continues in 2600 Magazine

Go get 2600 Volume 29, #4 (the Winter 2012-2013 issue), and read the continuation of Dev’s newest case, “Hacking the Naked Princess”. This adventure was started in 2600 Volume 29, #2 (the Summer 2012 issue). Future chapters will be serialized in 2600, probably every other issue. 2600 Magazine is available in many bookstores, including Barnes & Noble. […]

Book Release: Dev Manny #2: Wetware

I’d like to introduce you to the latest adventure of Dev Manny, Information Technology Private Investigator. The book is “Dev Manny #2: Wetware“, and is available at an Amazon near you. Get it: Paper bookAmazon Kindle ebook  

New books – Coming sooner and later

I’d like to update everyone on the entire Internet about two different projects, both of which are critical to our society, culture and way of life: League of Scientists League of Scientists book #1, “Ghost in the Water”, won’t be available in stores until 2013. From the publisher, I have this statement: Our goal is […]

Wetware: Dev Manny 3 is on the floor!

So, here’s the deal: Dev Manny 1 (“Superliminal”) is published. It’s out there in the wild. Dev Manny 2 (“Hacking the Naked Princess”) is being published in a serial format in 2600 Magazine. While that’s in progress, I’ve also started Dev Manny 3 (the working title is “Wetware”). But since the 2600 publication is quarterly, […]

Writing advice from Pixar: Rules of storytelling

Pixar – the group who brought us Toy Story, The Incredibles, Finding Nemo, UP, Monsters, Inc, and many more – is built around a philosophy of excellent storytelling.  Emma Coats is a story artist at Pixar, and she has compiled what she’s learned about storytelling, both from her personal experience and learning from those around […]