Telekinesis and sharks (though not in the same book)

For those of you following along, you may have an interest in my latest adventures. I’ve been asked for updates from multiple people. Those causes have led to this effect: Below is the scoop on my current projects.

Transhuman #2

The working title is “Monsters in the Dark”. Today marks the Completion Of The First Draft of the book. The next step is a revision, followed by another revision, and another revision… you get the idea. But First Draft Completion is important enough to me that I capitalized it twice! It’s a big step and I’m happy to have completed it. 

I’ve also contacted Darko Tomic, the artist who did the cover art for book #1 – “Waking the Dreamer”. I’m happy to say he’s on board to create the art for this book, too. It’ll allow me to keep visual continuity for the series, and, of course, he’s an awesome artist, so I’m eager to see what he does next.

Dev Manny, Information Technology Private Investigator

I released Dev’s second book – “Wetware” – a few months ago. Dev’s third book – “Hacking the Naked Princess” – is currently being serialized in 2600 Magazine.

League of Scientists #1: “Ghost in the Water”

Coming soonish. See this post for detail.

Abby and Zander #1: “Sharks and Bunnies”

I mentioned it briefly before, but am bringing it up again because we are formally going to get this book through to publication. “We” means it’s a family effort: This is a children’s picture book that I’m developing with artist Celia Kaiser (my sister), and writer and conceptual designer Ally Kaiser (my daughter).

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  1. Scott says:

    Very impressed that you continue to put out books at the rate you do. Alex really liked Wetware and cant wait for the next books in each of the series. Dont keep us waiting to long.